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webbed footed creature made from spite and anger, and held together with the dirt from an abandoned blockbuster.

In the long, tragic, and still-ongoing tale of human influence on wildlife, no other story seems so unfair and tragic then that of the ill-fated Floreana Island, and what occurred in the Summer of 1820.

While on their way to a then-mostly untapped expanse of ocean in which the whales were said to roam a plenty, the crew of the Nantucket whaling ship Essex severely misjudged how funny a prank was going to be. …


Why a Fake Documentary from the 90s Still Captivates Audiences Today

Poster image for The Blair Witch Project, 1999

“You don’t show the monster too many times, because you’ll get used to him, and you never want to get used to him. It’s learning to tap into the human brain to show just so much. Let the brain do a lot of the work. That’s where you start to tap into people’s anxieties.” — Ridley Scott

In my many years of watching horror movies, I’ve taken the above quote to heart.

Growing up in an area heavy with forests, and even having a pretty substantial cluster of trees that served as a hidey-hole to all kind of beasts I…


In revisiting vampire tropes, this retelling breaks new ground

Images from IMDb

Warning: contains major spoilers for the second season!

What We Do in the Shadows — both in regards to the 2015 movie and the 2019 ongoing show (though I will be exclusively focusing on the television show) — has been breaking new ground by bringing back old tropes around vampires. We are living in the age of the Twilight series renaissance, and while I personally don’t despise the antics of Bella or Edward, it must be said that Meyer’s books left a decade-long blemish on the good (or bad, depending on the angle) name of the vampire.

The recent release…

Released in 1995, Tales From the Hood is a staple of modern black horror. Directed by Rusty Cundieff and executive produced by Spike Lee, the interesting thing about these films — or at least the first anthology — is that, for horror movies, Tales From the Hood isn’t very heavy-handed when it comes to the actual horror. The real terror comes from the act of daring to be black in an overly-policed state built on white supremacy and the subjugation of African Americans. …

In these tumultuous times of 2020, let us harken back to three years ago and remember when Netflix accidentally created an icon for the ages.

The Babadook is a 2014 release by Australian Director Jennifer Kent; the Netflix hit follows the story of widow Amelia Vanek, who is trying to keep her volatile young son, Sam in check while grieving for her late husband, Oskar. …


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